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Stop by and LEVEL UP!
Frank's Thunder Alley is a Pokemon Go Checkpoint!

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Dollar Day

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Dollar Days. Games, shoes, and many of your favorite food items for $1.00!

Cosmic Bowling

Come Saturday Night for neon graphics, disco lights, good music, and electric entertainment.

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Welcome to Frank's Thunder Alley! We offer many activities for the entire family to enjoy. We have bowling for all age groups, an arcade, party rooms, and much more.

Come around on Saturday nights and enjoy the fully youthful experience of Cosmic Bowling. The bright lights are out and the fun is ON! Blacklights and neon graphics set the stage. Add to that the disco lights, good music, and fun atmosphere and the night is set for all out entertainment. Come early, the lanes go fast!

  • Cosmic Bowling

  • Pro Shop

We also offer league bowling. Whether you are part of a business organization, church group, civic organization, or just a group of friends, league bowling is for you. There are several leagues that bowl here and compete. Contact us to start your own or we may be able to link you up with an existing league. League bowling is a great way to meet new friends, new contacts, network business partners, and just have absolute fun. You may even bowl the perfect game and become a member of our Wall of Fame!

Have a birthday coming up? Contact us to set up a birthday bowling experience! We have many packages to suit most needs. We can even cater the party for you. And after the cake has been eaten and the presents opened, come on out, lace up some bowling shoes, grab a ball, and have even more fun! The laughs are plenty and the atmosphere electric! And, the birthday party packages are not just limited to parents for kids. Oh no! Set up a wonderful birthday for Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, any other family member or for your friends. All are welcome! See below for our Package Deals!

  • Full Arcade

  • Redemption Center

We have a full arcade with many of the most recent action packed games and those of skill. Want a classic? Okay! We have several pinball games and some of the older classic skills games such as Ms. Pac-Man.

Also, collect the tickets from winning and trade them in at our redemption center for lots of cool prizes!

At Frank's Thunder Alley, our goal is to entertain you. We plan on nothing less. We welcome you to stop by and have a blast. Bring a friend or a whole group. We will do our best to make your afternoon, evening or night one that you will be talking about for years to come. Thank you for visiting our Website. If we may be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks, and come again!

Birthday Party Packages

Our birthday party packages offer you the chance to host your loved ones big event here in one of our party rooms. We have several to choose from.

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Even More For Your Family

Visit Frank’s Entertainment for links to all of our facilities. Bowling, Movies, and our Drive-In theater await you. We strive to entertain you and yours!

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