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Tue: 12-9

Wed: 330-9

Thu: 330-9

Fri: 330-12

Sat: 12-12

Sun: 12-9

Stop by and LEVEL UP!
Frank's Thunder Alley is a Pokemon Go Checkpoint!

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Dollar Day

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Dollar Days. Games, shoes, and many of your favorite food items for $1.00!

Cosmic Bowling

Come Saturday Night for neon graphics, disco lights, good music, and electric entertainment.

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Our Wall of Fame

Terry Nelson x2299

Terry Nelson x3300

Jeff Johnson x6300

Jerry Wright x2300

Mike Zeus297

Dan Higdon300

Teddy Kreger300

Mark Gibson x2296

Ken Crompton300

Jen Brooks288

Jen Brooks300

Brian Brooks290

Neal Caudle299

Rick Broadstreet300

Kevin Walker300

Thomas Williams299

Greg Keel300

Cory Hawkins300

Rob Rains300

Wayne Adkins299

Chris Daly298

Tony Willis290

Jerry Bevil298

Jerry Bevil300

Stephen Varnell290

Dustin Bearden x2300

Jeff Stephens300

Joe Keener300

Cody Patterson300

Don Beck300

Curt Newman300

Drew Ballard300

Exclusive 300 Club

Jeff Johnson, Terry Nelson, Jerry Wright, Dan Higdon, Teddy Kreger, Ken Compton, Jen Brooks, Rick Broadstreet, Kevin Walker, Greg Keel, Cory Hawkins, Rob Rains, Jerry Bevil, Dustin Bearden, Jeff Stephens, Joe Keener, Cody Patterson, Don Beck, Curt Newman, Drew Ballard

Birthday Party Packages

Our birthday party packages offer you the chance to host your loved ones big event here in one of our party rooms. We have several to choose from.

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Even More For Your Family

Visit Frank’s Entertainment for links to all of our facilities. Bowling, Movies, and our Drive-In theater await you. We strive to entertain you and yours!

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