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Dollar Day

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Dollar Days. Games, shoes, and many of your favorite food items for $1.00!

Cosmic Bowling

Come Saturday Night for neon graphics, disco lights, good music, and electric entertainment.

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Price Guide

Single Game$3.75

*League Bowler$3.00

1 Lane for 1 Hour$20.00

Shoe Rental$3.00

Cosmic Bowling

Come around on Saturday nights and enjoy the electric experience of Cosmic Bowling. The bright lights are out and the fun is ON! Blacklights and neon graphics set the stage. Add to that the disco lights, good music, and fun atmosphere and the night is set for all out entertainment. Come early, the lanes go fast!

$45.00 Per Lane (up to 6 bowlers) plus $3.00 Shoe Rental (per person)

Birthday Parties

Have a birthday coming up? Contact us to set up a birthday bowling experience! We have many packages to suit most needs.

Package #1

Up to 12 Bowlers
45 Minutes in Party Room
1 1/2 hours of bowling
Includes: Chips, and Drinks

Only $99.99

Package #2

Up to 18 Bowlers
45 Minutes in Party Room
1 1/2 hours of bowling
Includes: Chips, and Drinks

Only $109.99

Package #3

Pizza Party
Up to 12 Bowlers
45 Minutes in Party Room
1 1/2 hours of bowling
Includes: 2 Pizzas, Chips, and Drinks

Only $119.99

Package #4

Pizza Party
Up to 18 Bowlers
45 Minutes in Party Room
1 1/2 hours of bowling
Includes: 2 Pizzas, Chips, and Drinks

Only $129.99

Package #5

Cosmic or Night Owl Party
Up to 18 Bowlers
1 Hour in Party Room (8pm - 9pm)
3 hours of bowling (9pm - 12am
Includes: 3 Pizzas, Chips, and Drinks

Only $169.99

** Party Rules

  • If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your party package, we must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Changes cannot be made the day of the party.

  • We ask those who booked a party to be here at least 10 minutes before your party time.

  • Make sure you check up at front before going into party room to pay remainder of balance. If balance is paid then make sure you check in to let us know you are here, we will then let you know which party room you will be in.

  • You will be in the party room first and will have exactly 45 minutes. One of our employees will come in and let you know that your lanes are being turned on. Please be courteous and realize that they have to come in and clean up and set up for our next party.

  • When purchasing a pizza package, we recommend that you open presents on back counter when bowling. This will give you more time with eating pizza and feeling less stressed by being rushed in those 45 minutes.

  • If you need to order more pizzas than those that come with the package, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice. This will give plenty of time to plan and prepare to make sure you have everything you need on time, when your party begins.

  • With our parties we give 1 courteous refill on each pitcher of drinks. If you need any more, it is $2.50 for each refill. You also will receive one bowl of chips; any additional will be $3.00/bowl. All paper products will be provided at no additional charge. Make sure you let your party person know if you need them and it will be provided.

  • There is no outside food or drink allowed. We only make exceptions for Cake, Chips and Dip. When bringing Dip we ask you make sure that it is cleaned up before we clean party room. Also make sure that you are courteous and not make a huge mess for our employees to clean when leaving party room.

  • After checking in at front, if you have any children that are 8 years or younger we will provide you with a lighter ball for them. We make exceptions for those with handicaps. The lighter balls are not intended for older children or adults. We ask that you please respect this rule considering that the 6 and 7 lb. Cannot withstand the force of being thrown by an adult or older child without cracking or breaking. We will remove all lighter balls from lane if we see them being misused.

  • All food and drinks have to remain on the back counter. There is no food allowed in bowling and seating area.

  • If you have a problem with your lane, please contact someone at the front desk immediately and we will assist you. DO NOT walk down any lanes. Let the staff retrieve any ball that might get stuck on lane.

  • Thank you for your cooperation! We hope you enjoy your party with us.

  • PLEASE..... No Confetti !!!!!

Birthday Party Packages

Our birthday party packages offer you the chance to host your loved ones big event here in one of our party rooms. We have several to choose from.

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Even More For Your Family

Visit Frank’s Entertainment for links to all of our facilities. Bowling, Movies, and our Drive-In theater await you. We strive to entertain you and yours!

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